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The kids then take turns to find the bag, using another transceiver switched to find mode, and an aluminium shovel to dig the bag out. When heading off-piste nothing can take the place of local knowledge, so we decide to hire a guide from the local Guide Alpine Champoluc office. They take a little convincing that the children are actually good enough to ski off-piste before they even agree to let us hire one, but that feels pretty reassuring — a case of safety first, taking our money second.

First Rudy checks our equipment and tests our transceivers.

Navigating the Backcountry with Kids

Every time Rudy turns around, the kids are on his tail, loving every minute of not having me telling them to slow down. No, really close, right here! Guessing we should follow, we all duck the rope to find Rudy and Alice at the bottom of a short but very steep slope, laughing and poking tongues out at each other. As the day progresses we ski wonderful rolling terrain and even a short rock couloir, the kids and Rudy having a blast.

The 6. I wake the kids, dump them into their ski boots and we head out for our 7. Famed as the starting point for climbing the Matterhorn, which towers over the little town, it borders the Swiss resort of Zermatt. High above us to our right is a steep ridge line that tops out at Grand Tournalin peak at 3, metres. To our left, the valley opens out with views all the way down to Champoluc. The route is easy to ski but still great fun, and Alex keeps us away from any overly steep slopes, leading us expertly through the rolling terrain. Our surroundings are majestic.


My reservations about the dangers of taking the kids into the backcountry are washed away now that we have a massive alpine valley all to ourselves. Our route finishes with a reminder to heed the power of the mountain - we cross an old but huge avalanche path that was big enough to rip up trees, before hiking down a road to the village of Saint Jacques for hearty portions of homemade gnocchi.

Spending the whole day skiing home through the backcountry as a family has been the stuff memories are made off. I bought a small bottle of Maple Syrup and fresh berries to take along too. If we are camping by canoe, we fill our cooler with a more comforting camp breakfast such as bacon, eggs and toast!

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In the past, the kids enjoyed eating Mac and Cheese for lunch. I often add a cut up pan fried sausage or hot dog in for extra protein and flavor. Its easy to boil water and stir everything together.

We are always a bit tired the first day from packing our gear in. I often prepare sandwiches at home the evening before. A sandwich is a quick way to ease the hunger before we start dinner.


You can prepare the sauce the day before or buy it in a jar. It is easy to boil water and the spaghetti cooks quickly. If we are reaching our destination by canoe, I like to prepare marinated chicken skewers with veggies the night before. They are easy to pan fry and taste great with rice as well.

Raisons in a box are a hit. I usually try to cut up their favorite veggies in a plastic bag as well. Muffins are another great finger food that your kids will love to pick at. One more important thing to remember when making meals in the backcountry is picking up after yourself. It can be difficult to pack minimal when you are eager to make your own backcountry camping meals for your kids.

Backcountry Ski Touring with kids [Part 1] - the kid project

I always try to pack in the least amount of garbage as possible and always bring a plastic bag or two to carry it all out as well. Jetboil Eureka! Johnson Outdoors Family Eureka! Johnson Outdoors Family. October 1, By: Kaily Gashi As parents of Twins, our family version of backpacking is a little different from the norm.