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Without effective weed control the remnant's health and viability will decline and future regeneration works will increase exponentially. Many weed species are responsible for the degradation of the Big Scrub remnants. Madeira vine is the most destructive due to its extremely efficient reproductive system, very rapid growth, heavy weight and capacity to blanket even large trees.

It can reduce healthy rainforest to a stand of vine-draped poles within one to two decades. Privet effectively invades the understorey, dominates the midstorey, and covers the forest floor, displacing native species. Wanderer forms a thick mat, effectively inhibiting the germination of rainforest seedlings.

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The funds are used to engage professional rainforest regenerators who work in the remnants to remove weeds and facilitate natural regeneration of the rainforest. The rainforest regenerators are able to distinguish between native rainforest species and species of weeds and are highly skilled in weed control techniques.

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The initial focus of the restoration works was on the Booyong Flora Reserve. In June Rainforest Rescue announced the completion of the primary works required to restore Booyong. Now at a 'care and maintenance level', Booyong requires ongoing follow up work to ensure weeds do not return.

Sign In. Rainforest Rescue. Big Scrub restoration project The Big Scrub was once the largest expanse of subtropical rainforest in Australia. Today less than one percent remains as fragmented remnants scattered across 75, hectares between the towns of Byron Bay, Ballina and Lismore.

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The threat to Big Scrub remains The Big Scrub rainforest remnants require ongoing care and maintenance. Entry is by gold coin donation, with all money raised going towards ongoing preservation of the Big Scrub. Weather WITH clouds in the sky and rain on the radar, how much rain will we actually get? Opinion Lismore mayor Isaac Smith's weekly column.

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The noisy pitta feeds on snails and other invertebrates in the leaf litter on the rainforest floor. This is a species likely to be heard and possibly seen on the bird walk. Top Stories.

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