Get Well Stay Well: Harnessing & Supporting Your Body’s Own Healing Power

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See plan details. Login Sign Up. Notice how big the area of tight energy is, how it feels sharp or hard, prickly or achy , what shape it is. Recognize it as being a bundle of energy. Consciously welcome the energy sensations, even if they are uncomfortable. Welcoming invites letting go.

Speak to the energy gently. Imagine a light-filled circle of spacious energy around the stuck places. Breathe, allowing your attention to flow between the energy of your pain and the spacious circle of shakti. Gaia Staff.

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How We Might Harness the Brain's Pain-Control System for Drug-free Relief | Live Science

Keep our community active and support its growth. Select Plan See plan details. Live Access. Prices in USD. And, by having a deeper understanding of our breathing patterns, we release both physical and emotional tension from the body. For example, when we are feeling nervous or stressed and push those feelings down, we may clench our jaw, or our throat constricts or our chest begins to tighten.

Even our digestion can be affected. This helps increase our lung capacity and oxygen in the blood flow, which has the dual effect of relaxing the body and so energising the mind, as we become more rational, lighter and clearer. Our body has an innate intelligence which is constantly sending us messages: the brain is consistent in streaming data to the body, and the body is constantly communicating to the brain.

A key cranial nerve known as our vagus nerve stimulates the autonomic nervous system. Depending on the information received, these messages can be the wrong ones, sending us into a vicious repetitive cycle. Simply by consciously connecting to our breath we can rewire and reset our systems within minutes. We have around 50, thoughts a day and not all of them are supportive. This can leave us feeling drained or lying awake at night. We are triggered by people at work or in our relationships and we may find that we react, rather than respond, and fall into the same patterns whilst building up frustration and resentment.

By using conscious breathing to let go of those ruminating thoughts, we effectively supercharge the mind by creating space for more clarity, positivity, confidence and energy. We are often too busy to breathe fully. Sometimes we even forget to take a breath at all. Stress can be a real energy sapper.

Amethyst Healing Properties

Instead of being able to use our energy in a positive way, our body uses it to fight the perceived threat — the stress. When we are feeling anxious or stressed our body can go into flight or fight mode. We pump cortisol and adrenaline around the body and our muscles contract, making our blood pressure rise and our breathing speed up.

The message to the body is to activate the sympathetic nervous system which gets us ready for battle - but by simply changing the way we breathe, we can send the message to our body to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which takes us into a relaxed state. A relaxed state is a more normal, healthier way for us to function.

It helps to keep all our systems in their natural rhythms working alongside each other. Using conscious breathing we can reduce stress, improving our mood and elevating the levels of serotonin and endorphins. Conscious connected breathing detoxifies and strengthens our immune system. A healthy breath can improve sleeping patterns, respiratory issues and improve our digestive system. By releasing tension in the diaphragm and our primary breathing muscles we can enhance our physical performance in practices such as running, yoga or sports. We cannot necessarily control what is going on around us and just opening our inbox or reading the news can send us into fight or flight.

Transformational Breath helps us feel more open and connected. The body remembers everything and the essence of this work is about coming back to our true selves and who we are before we built up these obstructions. By letting go, we can transform fear into excitement. Many of us lack in self-esteem or find it hard to let go of control.

This technique helps us to be self-assured and authentic.

The Healing Power of Mindfulness

Some of these are deep rooted and buried in our subconscious, and we need to track them, hold them and release them in a gentle and non-invasive way. Alternative Nostril Breathing helps calm the mind and relax the body. This type of technique encourages deep, slow breathing which sends messages to the body to come into a calm state and relaxes the nervous system, which may bring the blood pressure down.

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It helps to improve oxygen levels and allows the energy, prana, to flow more freely. It is said to oxygenate both sides of your brain, which will improve brain function. The left side of the brain is for common-sense analytical thinking and logic. The right side is for sense and creativity. Slower, deeper breathing techniques bring you down from your head and help you be in your whole body. Sit up straight either against a wall or on a cushion, or you can lie on the bed at a semi-reclined angle with cushions or pillows behind you, so your chest is higher than your legs.

Bend your knees. Make sure you are warm and comfortable, and that your head and neck are supported. Place your hands on your lower abdomen - a few inches below the navel. Relax the jaw and open the mouth wide and take a deep inhalation.

Your belly should expand like a balloon, and you should exhale with no effort. Stay present with the inhale and the exhale.

Yoga Practice In The West

Inhalation should be emphasised and the exhalation not forced or pushed out. Exhalation should be quiet and relaxed like a soft sigh. Keep the breath connected so there are no pauses between breaths: they should be coming in and out like a wave motion. Repeat for one to two minutes and notice any physical sensations in the body. Rest for one minute as you return to a normal breathing pattern — breathing through the nose.

If at any point it feels intense, come back to your normal breathing pattern. Stand with the feet placed shoulder width apart and with your knees bent. Place your hands on your lower abdomen and inhale through the mouth, expanding the diaphragm. Repeat rapidly for two minutes.