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In the s, Donald J.

Trump tried to buy Davids Island , which is across from Mr. More recently, there were rumors that Mr.

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Schibli knew not to expect palm trees. Nowadays there are island owners who value a getaway where the neighbors are neither nosy or noisy, because they are nonexistent. Others have had to warm up to being an island owner. A few miles away, Dr. He said he put money into necessities, like a decommissioned Navy vessel to get to his island and a barge that can carry about one tractor-trailer load of material from the mainland.

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He also said he has had enough. Sutton said. I can dream in a chair. Originally, his dreams did not include the larger Pea Island close by, but when it became available in , he bought it as a safeguard. There is nothing on Pea Island but trees and grass, and at about four acres, it is more than twice the size of Columbia Island.

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Exactly how large Columbia Island is depends on when measurements are taken. It grows and shrinks with the tide. A small sandy beach beyond the foot sea wall disappears when the tide comes in and reappears, inch by inch, when it goes out.

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The one building on Columbia Island was built as the base of a radio transmitter. But the station moved to another tower on a different island in Long Island Sound in the s. Sutton began investing in real estate in the s after, he said, exposing a double-billing scandal at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, where he had worked.

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He bought a building on Prince Street in Manhattan and converted the apartments to condominiums, he said. Later he bought a second building across the street and converted that into 22 condos. He retained the storefronts, which provided income as he bought more real estate, including a building on a stretch of West 46th Street known as Restaurant Row.

When he heard about Columbia Island, then owned by a nearby yacht club, it was love at first visit. The dilapidated building did not scare him off. But owning an island was different.

Madeline Kahn, Tim Curry, Lesley Ann Warren are just a few of the hilarious cast members that make us wish the mystery lasted a lot longer. Night on Earth. In different parts of the world, five taxi trips are taking place at the same time. Love-hate relationship is a serious understatement about the loathsome, but sometimes pitiable, characters that spend a whole evening tearing each other to shreds.

American Graffiti.

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Night of the Living Dead. After Hours. He was a hilarious corpse, though. The actor plays a Martin Scorsese Everyman who battles a series of misadventures during a long, confusing night.

The quiet word processor begins his evening hoping for a love connection and ends it facing a big city nightmare. Dazed and Confused. Getting stoned, getting laid, hazing, fighting, and self-realizations all happen over the course of one memorable night.