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Either it had gotten advanced enough to cause symptoms like back pain or urinary problems, or it was big enough for a doctor to feel it during a rectal exam. Many men used to be diagnosed when cancer was no longer confined to the prostate, and was more difficult to treat. Thanks to regular screening, most men are diagnosed at least five years earlier than they used to be. Most men are diagnosed with cancer that is very curable. It just sits there in your prostate, just a few very slow-growing, not aggressive cancer cells, and you could have lived your whole life never knowing they were in there.

Many men die with prostate cancer, not of it. So the second thing you need to do — the first, remember, is do not panic — is figure out just what kind of prostate cancer you have. Do not feel rushed to get treatment right away.

You’ve Got Prostate Cancer. Now what? Read This First.

First of all, your body needs several weeks to heal from the biopsy. Remember, that cancer has been in there for a long time. If you and your doctor decide you need surgery or radiation to kill the cancer, you then need to find the best place — it may be nearby, or in another city in your state, or even further away — for you to have this done.

It is far better to take a little while — not much time at all in the greater picture of your life — and make a decision that is right for you, than to rush into treatment and later regret being so hasty. Do not despair. Take heart, take a deep breath, and figure this thing out. You are not alone. In order to determine what risks you are exposed to that could lead to prostate cancer, we created a reliable test, that is also free and quick.

You only need to go onto my blog at www. You can fill up the questionnaire in less than 10 minutes. Along with the results colored along a green to red color code, you will receive some advice to help you reduce the risks without delay. La Lettre du Professeur Joyeux is an independent and free information service est un service.

It specializes providing the wider public and families with disease prevention information. Click here to subscribe to the letter. This health advice is provided free of charge by this organization and cannot be considered as personal medical advice. No treatment should be initiated solely on the basis of this content. No information or product mentioned on this website is meant to diagnose, treat, atone or cure a disease. You have a Personal Health Question? Confidential response or you wish to enjoy our exclusive services? Become an exclusive member of our association for one year by clicking HERE.

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View Larger Image. Letter No 5 of the Professor Henri Joyeux — 15th of April Few men and medical doctors, urologists and family practitioners alike, are knowledgeable about the multiple causes of prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer Under Eighty Cancer in such patients is more serious, and the prognosis is more severe. Our parents and grandparents used to boil their milk.

They did know that by doing that, they were sterilizing it. But they did not know that they also were destroying all growth factors that were not meant for humans anyway. Today, the milk industry simplified the process by sterilizing at very high temperature UHT process. But this fast process does not leave the time for the growth factors to be neutralized.

Biopsies for prostate cancer diagnosis: Mayo Clinic Radio

Hence, they are still contained in the product we ingest, and no one is able to tell us what is the concentration of growth factors contained in this or that dairy product, from the most liquid to the most solid. Patients consume too many sweet drinks, whether they contain real sugar or calorie-free sweeteners. These drinks overstimulate our pancreas for no good purpose; Patients overcook their food, often for a long time and at high temperature.

Talking prostate cancer awareness with U of M | University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Cooking in this way transforms complex sugars into simple sugars, which accumulate in our body in the from of carcinogenic fats. They also overcook animal and vegetable fats, transforming them into products that are directly or indirectly carcinogenic benzopyrenes, nitrosamines. To these bad nutritional habits, you can add: An excess in alcohol consumption: Beware not to consume too much wine, cooked wine as aperitif, whisky, Ricard, Gin, Vodka and the like. Discover the key differences among high-risk cases and how to optimize your treatment strategy. Minimally Invasive Treatment for Severe Bladder Neck Contracture For a handful of patients treated with radical prostatectomy, bladder neck contracture is a difficult complication.

This occurs when dense scar tissue forms in the bladder neck, leading to a restriction or a blockage of urine flow. Explore the benefits of a minimally invasive procedure for treating severe cases. Study Reveals Excellent Prognosis for Patients with Gleason 6 or Less With the popularity of PSA screening, many patients are being diagnosed with prostate cancer when their cancer is at an early stage. In fact, most men are diagnosed with organ-confined cancer and a Gleason score of 6 or less.

Learn more about the excellent prognosis for patients at this stage of disease. But other cells can't wait to hitch a ride in the bloodstream and travel to other areas in the body. Micrometastasis is a form of metastasis that describes the spread of invisible, potentially lethal cancer cells. Find out how scientists are using a three-phase approach to help stop this aggressive form of prostate cancer. Researchers are making efforts to deliver surgical cures that help build confidence in prostate cancer patients. Find out what increases the odds of recurrence.

Discover an unexpected treatment for diminished sex drive following surgery. Probing the Common Problems of the Needle Biopsy Getting the right pathology assessment of your prostate biopsy is just as important as getting a second opinion for surgery or radiation.

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You could have the best surgeon in the world, but if you don't have the right pathology report, you could have the wrong type of treatment. Learn how to handle a tricky diagnosis in spite of issues with interpreting biopsy results. Today, most patients diagnosed with prostate cancer have clinically localized disease and experience high survival rates.

PSA testing has helped spot cancer in its earliest, most curable stages. As with other cancer screenings, some cancers are detected at such an early stage that they don't need to be treated. Here are guidelines for choosing expectant management over surgery. Understanding Surgical Margins after Radical Prostatectomy In an ideal world, after radical prostatectomy, your pathologist would send a triumphant report to your surgeon declaring you cancer free. For some patients, however, the pathologist's report is more ambiguous.

This article reveals the good news about close margins and the causes of positive margins. Discover what to do if some cancer cells are left behind. Scientists from around the world are studying diet like never before. For patients with prostate cancer, researchers are looking for foods or nutrients that boost disease-fighting enzymes and help the body ward off prostate cancer.

Add these to your plate to boost your health and reduce your risk of prostate cancer. Putting a patient with advanced disease through the rigors of surgery seemed unnecessary and cruel. However, new research shows that surgery may improve your quality of life if you are dealing with advanced disease.

Examine the benefits of surgery for advanced prostate cancer. Many wonder if finasteride prevents prostate cancer.

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According to a leading urologist, this drug puts patients at risk by hiding high-grade cancer. If your cancer is back, is it still localized to your prostate? Could radiation therapy eradicate the disease, or would it needlessly cause complications? Discover how medical research helps answer these important questions. Explore interstitial brachytherapy and the reasons for caution when considering this treatment. Radiation: How to Compare the Results Making a decision about prostate cancer treatment is not easy.

When considering radiation therapy or radical prostatectomy, one of your top concerns is seeking reassurance that your cancer will be cured following treatment. Find out how to manage your PSA levels and your expectations after both types of treatment. However, the key to screening for prostate cancer is to look beyond the cutoff numbers for PSA levels. Examine best practices for tracking your PSA levels and guidelines for biopsy.

For years, men have wondered if sexual activity impacts their risk of prostate cancer.