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Upon finishing she jumped into the role of the lead artist in all of her upcoming performances; doing makeup for herself and others.

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Natasha realized over time that what she enjoyed the most was the artistic design and preparation that makeup artistry offered more than the performance itself. Natasha became a mother at 25 with the birth of her first daughter Liyan. She made the decision to stop modeling and focus on her family and the newly chosen profession: makeup artistry.

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Drawing from all of her experience both on stage and off, Natasha was able to tailor her own version of a year-long internship during which time she created a dazzling portfolio using well-known actresses and models. This was soon followed by more campaigns and covers for leading brands and magazines.

Natasha Denona Makeup Artist | About the Brand

Natasha and Ron became the uncontested national industry icons throughout their year collaboration. Natasha took her vast industry experience and her knowledge of science and formulations to design and launch her very own line of technologically advanced luxury makeup products Natasha Denona Makeup. As a working professional makeup artist and the creative director of her own brand, Natasha is able to curate trend-setting shades and cutting edge formulas to produce a line of products that modern women had only dreamed of.

Natasha Denona consistently brings the world of high fashion makeup artistry into the global marketplace in an exceptionally user friendly way.

Sacrifice of Natasha Romanoff

For Natasha Denona makeup is the ultimate living art form. That last dalliance is especially telling. Banner pushes her away, pointing out he can never have a family—though there had been no indication before Ultron that Natasha even wanted a family herself. Apart from more minor characters like Peggy Carter and Gamora, whose roles in the cinematic universe are also defined by the men in their lives.

But when combined with everything else Endgame does to Black Widow, the decision is frustrating. Had Black Widow been given more space, both in this film generally and in her final scene specifically, to utter even a few sentences about what being an Avenger has meant to her over the years, her death may have had more meaning; instead, her primary focus throughout her final film is that last mission. And although Endgame pauses to give characters like Steve Rogers, and Tony Stark, and even Hawkeye moments of emotional catharsis, it hardly extends the same courtesy to Natasha. Following a successful trial by Hawkeye, who had been convinced by Black Widow to return, the Avengers decided to form groups and head into different times and places to find the Stones.

Black Widow and Hawkeye where therefore tasked with going to Vormir , where Thanos had previously obtained the Soul Stone by sacrificing his daughter Gamora. Black Widow and Hawkeye learn the price. Arriving on Vormir , Black Widow and Hawkeye were greeted by Red Skull , who stated their parents' names, which surprised Black Widow since even she did not know the name of her father.

source url Black Widow and Hawkeye were then told by Red Skull that they had to sacrifice a loved one to obtain the Soul Stone , causing Black Widow to understand why Thanos had left Vormir without Gamora as he had sacrificed her. Black Widow and Hawkeye thus agreed that one of them had to die to return billions of people from death, as they had promised to do whatever it would take to undo Thanos' actions.

Black Widow and Hawkeye embrace.


However, as they tearfully said their farewell, Black Widow and Hawkeye realized that they were both ready to give their life. Black Widow insisted that everything she had done in the past five years was to find a way to reverse the Snap, and that she should be the one to sacrifice herself to achieve this goal, but Hawkeye countered by recalling that he had become a vengeful vigilante, with the sacrifice being his one chance to redeem himself and bring back his family. However, Black Widow refused to let her friend die, stating that she would not judge him on his worst mistakes just like he had not when encountering her years ago.

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Black Widow and Hawkeye jump off the cliff. Pretending to let Black Widow give her life, Hawkeye suddenly tripped her and pinned her on the ground, asking Black Widow to tell his family that he loved them.

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  4. However, Black Widow retaliated and immobilized Hawkeye on the ground with her electroshock weapon. She then ran to the cliff to jump, but Hawkeye knocked her aside by shooting an explosive arrow next to her. Hawkeye then rushed to the cliff and jumped, pnly to be caught by Black Widow who had leaped after him.

    Black Widow then used Hawkeye's own grappling arrow to secure him to the cliff while she hanged in the air, only held back by Hawkeye's hand.