Wooden Fishing Boats of Scotland

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Swan was built in Lerwick, Shetland in and is the largest wooden vessel to have been built in the islands. At the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival. Bring Your Boat!

Here are some vessels confirmed to attend in , we look forward to welcoming them all…. Boats have been built and repaired at Brownsbank for about years since James Tate, who was also the harbour master, bought land at Brownsbank. Previous to this, boats were built on the beach.

The yard was sold to James Weatherhead who built wooden hulled fishing vessels. Pretty much every resident of, or frequent visitor to, Scotland ends up, to a lesser or greater degree, a boat spotter, if only because boats of all sorts add character to their setting. Fishing boats bring a particular attraction: there's something especially romantic about the idea of men risking and all too frequently over the years losing their lives in order to land their catches for the benefits of consumers across the UK and Europe in what often seem to be seriously second hand vessels.

My Classic Boat. Scottish Trawler 55ft 1933 sold for 1p

And that sense of romance is even greater in the case of the diminishing number of surviving wooden fishing boats. Scottish fishing boats were traditionally made of wood, though steel increasingly came to dominate during the second half of the s.